Computer Users

Checking your vision
 whilst sitting at your computer is the most appropriate test of your eyes for computer work.

It is a direct measurement of performance in your actual working conditions

Since 1991 City Visual Systems has worked alongside some of the worlds leading experts in the field of vision and computer use, to produce Windows based computer programs to test vision at the computer.
 i.e. in ‘real conditions’.

What makes this program different and unique is the approach to identifying visual and related problems then producing related advice.

Many companies, organisations and government departments around the world, have purchased the system, allowing them to test vision as part of a proactive health and safety programme.

So, why use this system ?

Is it any better than sending every one to the opticians every two years ?

Why every two years for healthy workers ?

We use a Keystone screener, how is this better ?

This system compliments any voucher systems or contract with optometrists.

If you would like answers to these please download our overview, however, why trust the views of other organisations, they probably work differently to you anyway.

Try it for yourself and see if it fits in with they way you would like to work.

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