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We have a range of products for both in-practice and site work.

If you would like to try a full working version of the Vision Screener please send an email

As well as the Vision Screener why not have a look at the Vision Toolbox.  This is an in-practice tool that can be used in conjunction with the Vision Screener to prove that any changes to a prescription provide benefit or the fitting of multi-focals are correct.

Our years of experience with vision screening and the practical problems of providing a cost effective service place us in a privileged position to offer advice and supporting systems, allowing you to provide a high quality service.

In addition we support and supply software from Thomson Software Solutions, the leading in-practice and domicillary  software development company .

Testchart XPert3Di

 This is a chart generator program that runs under Windows™.  It is used in most optometric practices, all Optometric teaching Universities in the UK and also for domicillary work.

When installed onto a laptop computer it has the advantage of being able to accurately calibrate the letters to the test distance.  This is particularly useful when moving between differing testing rooms or situations.

We offer a support service to assist with periods of high demand for vision screening. This service is usually supervised by a qualified occupational nurse or optometrist.

Special training courses may be arranged and either conducted at the client site or in London.


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