Vision Screening

As many as 80% of computer users suffer from ‘visual problems’, also know as CVS (computer visual syndrome). These can occur at different times during the working day, throughout the week or may even be seasonal.  Often the symptoms disappear when visiting an optometrist or doctor. 

Being able to test vision at the workstation when the user is experiencing problems, provides an accurate identification of a problem and the likely cause.

The Vision Screener was initially conceived and designed to allow the computer user to test their own eyes at their workstation, when they experienced problems.  The program has complex logic and follows the decisions that a fully trained practitioner should go through.

Please try the screening for yourself by downloading the demonstration system. Please click here.

Also it is useful to run the screener to check that any changes to glasses or contact lenses or work practice, improves vision and or comfortA screening under supervision

For companies the Vision Screener can save money and improve efficiency.

A Vision Screening consists of 3 stages.

1 The Questionnaire
Vision Tests
Reports and Recommendations

It can be run at Stand-alone PCs, or over networks, both LAN and Intranets.

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